Cleaning equipment for spinnerets and strip jets / S-BACK N detergent for cleaning spinnerets and strip jets

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment SPINNERETS CLEANING EQUIPMENT

In order to create cavitation efficiently,we degas the water. There is much air in the solvent (maybe alcohol, or other liquid you use to wash spinnerets).Too much air will bother the cleaning process. Our cleaning equipment can maximize the ability of the ultrasonic to clean your spinnerets.

  • Vacuum degassing function
  • temperature controlling function
  • elevation function
  • circulation and filtration function

Detergent S-BACK N

Detergent S-BACK NWith our abundant experience and years of research, we developed the Detergent S-BACK N for washing spinning spinnerets in synthetic fiber industry. Traditional way of spinneret cleaning is to use heat treatment or triethylene glycol. However, as the variety of the additives to the polymer increases, it becomes harder to wash all the spinnerets cleanly, especially the inside of tiny holes. The way of spinneret cleaning process is changing. Detergent S-BACK N makes solution to your requirement.


  • To remove the resin, fille, carbon, etc. stuck inside holes efficiently with strong osmotic force.
  • It will not cause any hydrogen embrittlement, because it is alkaline
  • Cyanide, Chrome and Phenol free.