Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As the top spinneret manufacturer, we strive to become a highly profitable enterprise by providing our customers with high added-value products. We aim to improve employees and their families’ life by providing them with opportunities to develop. As a trusted member of the community, we believe our development and success should also contribute to the quality of life in, and the prosperity of community where we work and live.


We are determined to serve our customers through continuous improvement, innovation, an intense focus on customer needs, and a dedication to meet those needs. We take pride in being able to adjust to an ever-changing market and rapid development of technology.

  • Through the construction of quality management system, we enhance our customers' satisfaction and promote their loyalty. We build a reputation for excellence and continuously improve our QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) by listening to our customers and understanding their needs.
  • We ask employees to learn from their successes and setbacks and pursue opportunities to improve their performance on their own initiative, as well as through continual learning programs offered by the company. We are committed to assuring opportunities for all employees to develop their abilities and contribute to the excellence of our products.



We are dedicated to protecting the environment in which we operate. In addition to meeting compliance requirements, we are making a continuous effort to protect and promote the health and well being of people and our environment.

  • We establish high performance standards for environment through an effective management system. We persistently challenge ourselves to meet the goals of using alternative/renewable resources and reusing or recycling materials.
  • We aim to disseminate information and understanding of environmental policy to all employees through training and internal communication. Working together, we support environmental responsibility through sustainable development.
  • By offering our environmental policy to the public, we take effective steps to continually improve our environment.